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Whilst the remarkable story of Ava Twomey from Cork touched the hearts of millions, Billy Caldwell from Northern Ireland’s story may be even more amazing

Billy Caldwell, who is just 11 years old, already went down in history as the first person to ever be prescribed medical cannabis on the British National Health Service. The CBD treatment he received for his epilepsy, greatly reduced his daily seizures from 100 to a fraction of that amount.

Billy and his dedicated mom Charlotte made news headlines previously, after they went to Los Angeles, sleeping rough on the streets for lack of money, and paying for costly CBD treatments for Billy in LA where medical cannabis is legal. Since then Charlotte has campaigned heavily for Billy to get the treatment he needs back home in Northern Ireland.

Only after a lot of hard work, sweat and tears was Charlotte able to get Billy his cannabis oil in Northern Ireland, paving the way for other patients with similar conditions, as well as MS and chronic pain, to also be considered.

Billy’s plight even made its way to a medical cannabis company called 710 Holdings MME, who are launching a new CBD oil product called, “Billy’s Bud’ after the brave lad himself.

A member of the Cannatech.news team spoke on the phone with Billy’s mom, Charlotte, speaking to her about the trials and tribulations she and her family have been through.

When asked about the current situation with Billy, Charlotte said, “i would like to say that already, not only in our country but in other countries there is a stigma about cannabis. We are already working with many other doctors to try to get prescriptions for other children. I want cannabis to be given in an honest matter, like a medicine. If we want to get medical cannabis legalized in our country we need to be open, honest and transparent.”

We hope to bring you a full, exclusive interview with Charlotte Caldwell over the coming weeks, so watch this space.

[Featured image credit: Belfast Live]

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