The CBD Testers ‘Ask A Doctor’ sessions are free events happening every Thursday at 1pm EST on the CBD Testers ‘Ask A Doctor’ group.

  • What causes insomnia?
  • What is the difference between acute and chronic insomnia?
  • What lifestyle habits can improve or worsen insomnia?
  • What is the relationship between anxiety, depression, & insomnia?
  • How does CBD work to control insomnia?

This week, Dr Leah Zachar will be speaking about insomnia and the ways in which CBD could help to counteract its symptoms. Insomnia is a medical disorder that interferes with our mental, physical, and emotional well-being. Without restorative sleep we can never be totally healthy. There are many types of insomnia and various treatments are available. All of this and more will be discussed in our next “ask the doctor” forum on Thursday, November 30th at 1pm E.S.T.

If you are interested in the medical perspective on CBD, you won’t want to miss out on this week’s session, especially if you are one of millions who find sleeping hard. Click the link below to register your interest…

You can join the conversation by clicking HERE.

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