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JuJu CBD infused olive oils

The Benefits of Using CBD Olive Oil

Both CBD and olive oil are powerhouses of health benefits in their own rights; but put them together and you have CBD olive oil,...
Vaping CBD, the answer for Nicotine addiction. 20% off CBD select lavender vape pen

CBD Vaping vs. CBD Edibles: The Pros & Cons

If CBD is new to you, it is important for you to know something about the different ways to consume it.  Below, I shall...
Could high-CBD hemp flowers be a safer alternative to tobacco?Space Candy flower (Empire Wellness)

High CBG Flowers: The Next Premium Hemp Buds

Almost under the radar, we have been introduced to a new CBD product: High CBG Flowers. Every month we publish the list of best-selling CBD...
Medical Benefits of CBG - The Best Of Both Worlds

The Medical Benefits Of CBG: The Best Of Both Worlds

What is Cannabigerol (CBG)? Why is it the 'parent' molecule of both CBD and THC? What are the medical benefits of CBG? Everyone has heard...
Bella Crema Elegante

Bella Crema Elegante – CBD Face Cream – Product Review

I recently had the privilege of trying Bella Crema Elegante – a CBD-infused face cream that blends a few natural ingredients to deliver a...
CBD – the treatment for eczema, atopic, and contact dermatitis

CBD – the treatment for eczema, atopic, and contact dermatitis

Suffering from skin problems? Use CBD to decrease and eventual elimination of the inflammation, itch, and redness. Eczema is a rash that results from atopic...
e-cigarettes health risks

CBD For Depression: Faster Than Conventional Antidepressants

Is CBD a good alternative to conventional antidepressants? Is it faster and more effective in treating depression? Depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide. ...
Relax with CBD

Relax with CBD Instead Of An alcoholic Drink

The day is almost done, but your stress level is still high. How do you relax? A glass of wine, joint, cigarette, TV? There is a much...
Ask A Doctor - CBD For Kids & Pets

CBD Dosing In Children – CBD Testers Weekly

This week we have asked Dr. Leah Zachar, to guide us on CBD dosing & safety in children. Such an important subject! Beside CBD dosing,...
Can vaping CBD help the brain to perform better?

Is Vaping CBD Good For The Brain?

CBD appears to be is everywhere, and more and more are using is regularly. Is using CBD daily a good thing or it might...

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