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Benefits Of Eating Cannabis

What Are The Benefits Of Eating Cannabis Vs. Smoking It?

While most people associate taking cannabis with smoking or vaporizing, there are numerous benefits that come with eating it, that simply don’t get enough...
Microdosing With Cannabis

Could Microdosing With Cannabis Help You Between The Sheets?

For many people there’s a strong connection between cannabis and sex, and there’s a reason for that, as it’s backed up by research which...
Cannabis Used Medicinally

Cannabis Has Been Used Medicinally For Thousands Of Years

If there was a clinical medical study that ever stood the test of time, it would have to be for cannabis, which has been...
Cannabis Patients More Successful And Content

Survey Claims Cannabis Patients Are ‘More Successful And Content’

BDS Analytics, A U.S.-based company which claims to “drive the cannabis sector to thrive with well-informed decisions based on factual data,” recently released a...
Medical Cannabis Solution For Veteran PTSD Suicide Epidemic

Is Medical Cannabis A Solution For Veteran PTSD Suicide Epidemic?

In Scottsdale, Arizona a brand new study is underway... Championed by the Veteran Associations (VA), like the American Legion, and administered by The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic...
CBD Testers Program

CBD Testers Program: No More Guesswork When Choosing CBD

Patients who suffer from issues like chronic pain and depression don't want to get hooked on addictive prescription meds. Many do however favor a...

Cannabigerol – CBG – New Miracle Medical Cannabis Compound Discovered?

THC, CBN, CBD and now CBG. Do the letters ever end?… While we don’t want to bog you down in a thick and seemingly never...

Right And Wrong Way To Inhale Medical Cannabis Revealed

So apparently there’s a right and wrong way of inhaling cannabis. Have you ever thought about it, or do you just light up and...
Cannabis Nebulizers

Could Cannabis Nebulizers Be The Treatment Of The Future?

While nebulizers have been around for decades, used to treat medical conditions like asthma and COPD, they could be the next great discovery for...
Health Cannabis

Some Of The Healthiest Ways To Take Cannabis Medicinally

While the words 'cannabis' and 'marijuana' conjure up images of huge plumes of potentially toxic smoke in most people's minds, the fact is there...

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What You Need To Know About CBD Hash

There is currently much attention on CBD. The non-intoxicating cannabis compound is being hailed for its vast therapeutic value. It’s also legal throughout the...