Tuesday, January 22, 2019
Select CBD softgels

Try out Select CBD Softgels in Alert or Relax

If you’re looking for something that can either keep you alert throughout the day or help you relax and unwind in the evening, then...
smoke hemp buds

Why People Choose To Smoke Hemp Buds?

It's almost 2019 and CBD products are everywhere, yet a lot of people still choose to smoke hemp buds. Why? The answer is simple:...
cbd energy drink

Natural and Safe CBD-Infused Energy Drink from Joy Organics

This long-lasting, fast-acting drink mix is a great way to boost your energy and increase focus in a safe, natural, and refreshing way. Joy Organics’...
Making Your Own Pre-roles? Buy a Bag of Hemp Flowers

Amazing Deal on Smokable Hemp Shake! $50 for 1/4 Pound

If you’re looking for affordable, yet good quality hemp shake in bulk, look no further than Canna Comforts. At $0.5/gram, it really can’t get any...
The PhenoPen, Next Generation CBD Vape-Pen

New CBD Vaping Products You Must Try In 2019

With 2019 just around the corner, it's time to predict which CBD products are going to become next year's best-sellers. Vaping is on of the most...
Vape Broad-Spectrum CBD

Why You Should Choose Broad-Spectrum CBD Vape-Pens

One of the leading CBD products of 2018 is the vape-pen. As 2019 is just around the corner, we can expect that broad-spectrum CBD vape-pens...
Free peppermint vape-pen

Get a FREE Peppermint Vape-Pen from Select CBD

Get in the holiday spirit this year with a FREE peppermint vape-pen from Select CBD, this season only. Yes, you heard that right. While supplies...
CBD Christmas gifts

Top CBD Christmas Gifts for Our UK Readers

Christmas is quickly approaching so if you’re trying to shop for the CBD wellness enthusiast in your life, check out some of these fantastic...
The PhenoPen, Next Generation CBD Vape-Pen

Get 10% off the PhenoPen, Next Generation CBD Vape-Pen

If you’re looking for a high-end vape pen that was created with health and scientific research in mind, then the PhenoPen should be your...
15% off MedTerra CBD softgels

25% Discount On MedTerra’s CBD Products (UK CBD Deal)

Just in time for Christmas, CBD Testers' UK readers can now enjoy select MedTerra's CBD products with a 25% discount. Attention UK readers, while the...
Next Generation for Pain Management With CBD Oil

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The entourage effect

An In-Depth Look at the Entourage Effect

If you’ve been following our articles lately, then you’ve probably heard the phrase “entourage effect” being used quite often. Simply put, the entourage effect refers...