Thursday, November 15, 2018
MCT vs PGVG - health advantages

Why Choose MCT over PG VG as your Vape Juice Carrier

Is there a healthier way to make CBD E-Liquid? What are the main advantages of using MCT instead of PGVG in your CBD vape...
CBD Fatty

CBD Cigarettes: A Good Alternative To Hemp Flowers?

While everyone understand now that there are real health benefits coming from vaping CBD flowers, it is important to remember that there are already...
JuJu CBD infused olive oils

The Benefits of Using CBD Olive Oil

Both CBD and olive oil are powerhouses of health benefits in their own rights; but put them together and you have CBD olive oil,...
Using CBD Coffee Machine, for extraction of cannabis

CBD Coffee Machine: New Cannabis Extraction Method

Typically, scientists have utilized some very complicated methods to extract cannabinoids from oil and whole plant matter. The standard methods such as ultrasound-assisted extraction, gas...
Hemplucid MCT CBD Oil - Soon all carrier oils will use MCT

CBD Vape Liquid vs CBD Oil, What To Choose?

Despite the CBD industry’s rapid gain in popularity, it’s still relatively new and there remains a lot of confusion and misinformation surrounding different products,...
Broad Spectrum CBD Wax

Beginner’s Guide to CBD Tincture, CBD Isolate and CBD Distillate

For the past few years, the CBD industry has been steadily growing from a once “alternative” healthcare method to a mainstream option that’s replacing...
Vaping CBD might be the answer for Nicotine addiction. However, is vaping CBD sage?

CBD Vaping vs. CBD Edibles: The Pros & Cons

If CBD is new to you, it is important for you to know something about the different ways to consume it.  Below, I shall...
CBD From Hops

CBD From Hops: A Legal Way To Produce Cannabidiol

In some of our cannabis-friendly and health-conscious states, cannabidiol products are being produced in a frenzy. You can find CBD in everything these days. Foods,...
Bella Crema Elegante

Bella Crema Elegante – CBD Face Cream – Product Review

I recently had the privilege of trying Bella Crema Elegante – a CBD-infused face cream that blends a few natural ingredients to deliver a...
Natural CBD Hash 20%

Best Selling CBD Hash Products- July 2018 – EU / UK

July was a great month for the sales of CBD Hash products, both in the EU and the UK. With premium products with 20% CBD...

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Medical cannabis for veterans

According to the FDA, “CBD is still illegal”

In what’s considered an official statement from the FDA, cannabidiol (CBD) in food and dietary supplements is illegal, despite their increasing popularity and...