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This category covers the following medical conditions/symptoms: Back pain, Neuropathic pain, Diabetic pain, Cancer pain, Headache /Migraine, Chronic pain, Fibromyalgia, HIV, Cramps, Muscle spasm, Sports injuries, Phantom limb pain, Sickle cell anemia, Spinal cord injury, Spinal stenosis, Sciatica and Meniscal tear.

Opioid crisis overdose, is CBD the solution?

CBD, The Solution to the Opioid Crisis

What is the leading cause of death in people under age 50 in the United States? Do we have an Opioid Crisis? And what...
cbd for women

CBD for Women: Why Is It so Beneficial?

Since the beginning of time, women have had a very special bond with cannabis. Not only has it been historically used by women across...
CBD and Fibromyalgia - Natural and effective pain management

CBD and Fibromyalgia – Natural and Effective Pain Management

If you are one of the as many as 10 million people in the U.S. who suffer from the medical disorder known as fibromyalgia,...
Half Of US Cannabis Users Lowered Their Alcohol Intake

Half Of US Cannabis Users Lowered Their Alcohol Intake

Are you a cannabis user? If you are, chances are you've lowered your alcohol consumption, replacing it with 'less harmful' cannabis. A new study by...
Hemplucid MCT CBD Oil - Soon all carrier oils will use MCT

20% Discount On HempLucid, Select, Genesis & KOI leading CBD Products

This week we are celebrating CBDVapeJuice's back-to-school promotion, with 20% discount on a selection of leading CBD products. We have some true winners for...
CBD – the treatment for eczema, atopic, and contact dermatitis

CBD – the treatment for eczema, atopic, and contact dermatitis

Suffering from skin problems? Use CBD to decrease and eventual elimination of the inflammation, itch, and redness. Eczema is a rash that results from atopic...
Treating Chronic Pain

CBD vs Opioids, What’s Better For Treating Chronic Pain?

Millions of people in the world are suffering from chronic pain which modern medicine cannot help to eliminate.  Can CBD or Opioids be the...
Can vaping CBD help the brain to perform better?

Is Vaping CBD Good For The Brain?

CBD appears to be is everywhere, and more and more are using is regularly. Is using CBD daily a good thing or it might...
Medical benefits of CBD

The Medical Benefits of Vaping Hemp Flowers

Vaping Hemp flowers both for its medical and recreational benefits, is quickly becoming a popular delivery method.  When vaporized cannabidiol is inhaled, it goes...
How to choose the best CBD delivery system

What Are The Best CBD Products For You?

If you are interested in learning how to identify the best CBD products, choose the right delivery system, decide between CBD Oil, Vapes or Softgels,...
Next Generation for Pain Management With CBD Oil

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