Thursday, February 21, 2019
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joy organics

Product Review – Joy Organics CBD Supplements with Curcumin

If you’re looking for a way to treat chronic pain but have no interest in using prescription opioids or other addictive pharmaceuticals, look no...
celebrate bella

Celebrate Bella Product Review – Age Defying CBD Skin Care

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to get a box of CBD skin care products from Celebrate Bella, and let me...
hemp oil

Using Hemp Oil for Healthy Hair and Skin

Hemp oil contains many properties that play a pivotal role in the overall health of many parts of the human body, including the hair...

High Quality Topicals from CBDMEDIC

CBDMEDIC is one of the only brands that combines CBD hemp extract with naturally-derived compounds and FDA approved active ingredients to create some of...
Diesel Puff hemp flower (image credit secretnaturecbd)

A Complete Guide to Smoking CBD Hemp Flowers

CBD hemp flowers are just like regular cannabis buds but without any of the psychoactive effects of cannabis containing THC. Modern day cannabis strains, both...
cbd gummies

CBD Gummies – One of the Top Trends of 2018

2018 has been a big year for cannabidiol, in particular, CBD edibles. And this upward trend has been officially confirmed by the world’s most...
smoke hemp buds

Why People Choose To Smoke Hemp Buds?

It's almost 2019 and CBD products are everywhere, yet a lot of people still choose to smoke hemp buds. Why? The answer is simple:...
Cyber Monday CBD Flowers Deals

Cyber Monday CBD Flowers Deals (2018 edition)

As Cyber Monday 2018 arrived, we've put together some of the best deals on high-CBD hemp flowers. Where else could you get CBD flowers for...
CBD vape Deals: KoiCBD Black Friday

Black Friday 2018: Top CBD Vape Deals

Black Friday 2018 has arrived, and we've collected some of the most attractive CBD vape deals - just for you. Before looking at the top CBD...
cannabis safety in pregnancy

Are There Any Risks Of Using Cannabis In Pregnancy?

Are there any risks of using cannabis during pregnancy? Is using CBD during pregnancy safe? What do the experts have to say? Finally a clear...
Next Generation for Pain Management With CBD Oil

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cbd antipsychotic

Is CBD Antipsychotic? New Study Says YES!

It’s been proven that CBD has notable antipsychotic effects, but how exactly this happens in the human brain had yet to be clarified –...