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This category covers the following medical conditions/symptoms: THC addiction, Drugs addiction, Nicotine addiction, Alcohol addiction, Opioids addiction, Heroin addiction and Eating disorders.

Israel just prohibited the use of JUUL

Israel Bans JUUL E-cigarettes Due to Public Health Risk

Israel is saying NO to the popular JUUL e-cigarettes. Affecting 15 days from today, Israel is banning the import and sale of JUUL e-cigarettes, citing...
e-cigarettes health risks

Why Nicotine E-Cigarettes Are A ‘Grave Health Risk’?

Is it safe to use e-cigarettes? Why it is considered to be a grave health risk? Is it true that nicotine use may be a...
Relax with CBD

Relax with CBD Instead Of An alcoholic Drink

The day is almost done, but your stress level is still high. How do you relax? A glass of wine, joint, cigarette, TV? There is a much...
Addicted to Nicotine? Want to quit smoking? Vape CBD!

Vaping CBD – The Answer To Nicotine Addiction

Want to quit smoking? Vaping CBD might be the solution for you! Are you addicted to Nicotine? Nicotine is one of the most highly addictive...

NY Looking to Use Cannabis in Fight Against Opioid Addiction Crises

What if you were prescribed a medication by your doctor that ended up causing a massive physical addiction? What if your life became rooted...

Quit Smoking for the Last Time with Help from CBD

Quitting cigarettes has practically become a pastime with very few products offering the kind of help that really…helps. The newest remedy today for quitting cigarettes...

Just 1 Week of CBD Treatment Can Prevent Relapse for Months

Although using cannabidiol (CBD) to treat addiction – both withdrawal symptoms and relapse prevention – has become increasingly mainstream in recent years, it still...

Want To Quit Smoking Cigarettes? Use CBD!

Do you want to quit smoking cigarettes? Studies find CBD effective aid to quit cigarette smoking. What are you waiting for?! It’s amazing to consider...
Israel just prohibited the use of JUUL (Image credit JUUL)

What Is Juuling and Why Is It Bad For Your Kids?

Juuling, is the act of smoking a Juul, which is a small, extremely discreet type of vaporizer. So discreet in fact, most people can’t...

Cannabis Withdrawal Symptoms: How Do They Affect You?

Just like cannabis affects different people in different ways, alleged withdrawal symptoms from it also differ great from person to person... Many long-term cannabis users...

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The new 25% hemp flowers tax is expected to send the price upwards.

Confirmed: Swiss Hemp Flowers Will Carry a 25% Tax

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