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Best CBD Flowers – US

Looking for the best CBD Flowers?

Premium hemp flowers are hard to find…
Due to high demand, we reserve the best CBD flowers to the subscribers of the Recreational CBD Weekly newsletter.

Take a look at some of the best-selling CBD flowers:

Cherry – 20% CBD

cherry cbd hemp buds

cherry cbd hemp buds

Have you ever tried a 20% CBD hemp flower?
With it’s great flavors, super smooth smoke and very-high CBD levels, Cherry is sure to become a best seller.
Type: Sativa Dominant Hybrid
Buds: Dazzling white trichomes and thin orange hairs.
Flavors: The aroma carries notes of earth and skunk with a cherry overtone, while the flavor is freshly picked cherries with a dab of skunk.
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Berkshire CBD’s Taster’s Menu

hemp flowers Tasters Menu

hemp flowers Tasters Menu

Try a bit of everything with Berkshire CBD’s Taster’s Menu! This is a great way to sample a variety of premium CBD flowers at a great value.

Each order serves up a flight of four, individually packaged, 1g bags of high CBD hemp flower each with a unique terpenes profile.

The current line up includes Special SauceElektraSour Space Candy, and Suver Haze. Enjoy!
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Frosted Kush Organic CBD Flowers – 21% CBD

Frosted Kush Organic CBD Hemp Buds - 21% CBD

Frosted Kush Organic CBD Hemp Buds – 21% CBD

Secret Nature is offering a new high-CBD hemp strain, Frosted Kush.

With 21% CBD this Indica strain is great for nighttime.
Beside high levels of CBD, you could also expect to find CBC and CBG, which makes this flower a great opportunity to experience such a unique blend.
Terpenes profile: Gas, Frosting, Berries
Buds: Dense buds covered in crystals. Extremely aromatic and very potent.

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Special Sauce

Empire Wellness Special Sauce

Empire Wellness Special Sauce

With over 12% CBD and great product reviews, Special Sauce is a good high-CBD hemp flower to begin with, especially if you have never tried High-CBD Flowers before. This premium hemp bud, is one of the best-selling flowers in the US, usually out-of-stock for regular clients.

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Empire Wellness Otto

Empire Wellness Otto

Like purple strains?

With total CBD close to 9%, CBGa just under 1% and less than 0.3% THC, Otto offers you a promising experience. Otto is highly desired among lovers of purple strains.

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Green Gum Hemp Flower

Green Gum High CBG Hemp Flower

Green Gum High CBG Hemp Flower

With total CBD of over 11% and CBG levels over 2.3% this high CBD hemp flower, is armed with a promising combination of cannabinoids. If you have never tried Green Gum before, this best-selling flower is the right one for you!

Lemon Drop

Empire Wellness Lemon Drop

Empire Wellness Lemon Drop

Looking for a strong CBD flower?

With total CBD over 14% and THC under 0.3% this high-CBD strain is a winner if you are looking for the strongest CBD experience.

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Cherry Wine

Empire Wellness Cherry Wine

Empire Wellness Cherry Wine

Wish to add some colors to your life?

This colorful hemp flower comes with total CBD of 10.5% and THC under 0.3%. Choose it for a balanced CBD experience.

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*** Live in UK / EU? Click HERE for the UK / EU best high CBD flowers ***

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