CBD Testers Advertisement Opportunities

Are you interested in putting your product in front of the top people in the cannabis industry? Do you have a unique edge that is appealing to industry professionals and consumers alike?

If you are a CBD supplier, you may be interested in learning more about ‘The CBD Testers program’, which essentially offers you free advertising for you products. The program is a new platform that matches your products with your preferred targeted audience.

We are currently offering the following advertising opportunities:

  • Sponsored content – we will publish and promote your content, driving targeted traffic to your website directly.
  • Special coverage of your company/product – In-depth coverage of either your company, your product or both. This is not PR, but real news items.
  • Lead generation – In certain cases, we can act as your marketing partner and convert our visitors into your paying customers.
  • Ads / Banners – Multiple ad spots available.

We also have the ability to deliver your message via our social networks, expanding your reach even further.

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