Monday, March 25, 2019
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The new 25% hemp flowers tax is expected to send the price upwards.

Confirmed: Swiss Hemp Flowers Will Carry a 25% Tax

According to the Swiss authorities, hemp flowers and tobacco should be taxed the same, since they both smoked in a similar way... As a...
levi's hemp

Introducing Levi’s Hemp: A New Collection of Clothing Made from Hemp

Levi Strauss & Co. just created a new clothing line that “feels just like cotton” but is made in part with hemp. The infamous Levi’s...
bees hemp flowers

Recent Study Shows that Bees Love Hemp Flowers As Much As We Do

People aren’t the only creatures on this Earth that love hemp flowers. Apparently the crop is also all the rage among bees. That’s right, bees...
hemp industry

The U.S. Hemp Industry Is Expected to Grow to $2.6 Billion by 2020

The entire cannabis industry has been spreading like wildfire lately, but a particular niche seems primed to becoming the next big thing: hemp. Following the...
hemp contaminants

Hemp Contaminants: Why There Might Be Heavy Metals and Toxins In Your Flowers

Experienced growers know there are many environmental factors that can contaminate their crops, and they need to do everything they can to prevent this...
cherry cbd hemp buds

Relax and Unwind with CBD Hemp Buds

Even if you’re not doing it, we all know someone who smokes cannabis. As a matter of fact, over half of Americans have tried...
facebook and cbd

Why are CBD and Hemp Companies Being Targeted on Facebook?

For quite some time now, Facebook has been wrongfully targeting CBD and hemp companies all across the U.S. In recent months, CBD industry companies in...
hemp protein

Is Hemp Protein Good For Building Muscles?

Compared to someone who does regular daily exercises, bodybuilders have different dietary needs due to the intensity of the workouts they do. So what do...
hemp oil

Using Hemp Oil for Healthy Hair and Skin

Hemp oil contains many properties that play a pivotal role in the overall health of many parts of the human body, including the hair...
hemp's popularity

Why Hemp Is Becoming Increasingly Mainstream

For a handful of very legitimate reasons, hemp's reach is starting to spread everywhere in the cannabis industry Recently in the USA, President Donald Trump...

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