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As Cyber Monday 2018 arrived, we’ve put together some of the best deals on high-CBD hemp flowers. Where else could you get CBD flowers for less than $3/gram?

As part of our special Black Friday and Cyber Monday project, we are looking for the best CBD products, offered with a rare discount. Best CBD oil, top CBD softgels, leading CBD vapes and high-CBD hemp flowers, all are offered this weekend with great discounts. As Cyber Monday is here again, we are looking at the best Cyber Monday CBD flowers deals, taking the price of high-CBD hemp flowers to below $3/gram!

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Cyber Monday CBD Flowers Deals 2018

Special Sauce – 19% CBD (Under $3/gram)

Cyber Monday CBD Flowers: Less than $3/g for Special Sauce hemp flowers
Cyber Monday CBD Flowers: Less than $3/g for Special Sauce hemp flowers

How does a best-selling flower taste like?

With a price of $100/oz ($3.5/gr) the popular Special Sauce hemp flower is one of the best deals in town. Now, for one day only, you can get it for a 25% discount, PAYING ONLY $75/oz, which is $2.6/gram. You won’t find such a deal elsewhere.

Outdoor grown in Oregon, Special Sauce has amazing taste with a great terpene profile. This strain is optimal for evening usage. Best if smoked or vaped.

Buds: Huge buds that are dark green.

Flavors: Earthy, sweet and floral with a hint of diesel.

Cyber Monday deal: 25% off your $100 order or more.
Use code: cyber2018

Buy Special Sauce high-CBD flower

AC/DC CBD Flowers ($3.1/g)

Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2018: AC/DC Hemp Flower
Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2018: AC/DC Hemp Flower

For a limited time BuyLegalMeds is offering the whole shop, including Cloud N9ne hemp flowers at a 40% discount. Unlike many other high-CBD suppliers BuyLegalMeds flowers are just a small addition to their established CBD line, which assure maintaining the quality of products.

Available strains: Lifter, Special Sauce, AC/DC, Purple Haze, Cherry Wine, Tropic Thunder, Electric Dream, Therapy Tea, Exotic Cake and Space Monkey.

Cyber Monday Deal: 40% on everything. Choose 1 oz and buy the flowers at $3.1/g.
Discount code: CYBER420.

Buy CLOUD N9NE CBD Flowers 

Lifter – 21% CBD (Under $3/gram)

Lifter: 21% CBD hemp flower
Lifter: 21% CBD hemp flower

Looking for an extra-strong CBD flower?

With 21% CBD Lifter is your number one choice when it comes to the highest CBD flowers. This strain is better used for daytime and evening usage.

Flavors: With hints of lemon, fuel and gas, Lifter is known for its unique terpene profile (arnesene, β-Myrcene, β-Caryopyllene, and a-Bisabolol).

Buds: Dense, purple-tinged buds with lots of little orange.

Cyber Monday deal: 25% off your $100 order or more.
Use code: cyber2018

Buy Lifter flower

Russian Automatic (RNA) – 14% CBD (Under $3/gram)

25% off premium high-CBD hemp flowers
25% off premium high-CBD hemp flowers

With a price of $100/oz ($3.5/gr) the price of Russian Automatic can’t go any lower. But it can… and this Cyber Monday you will only pay $75/oz ($2.6/gram), four time cheaper from what it used to be only two months ago.

Russian Automatic (RNA) is a CBD Hybrid mixing AK-47 and Skunk Auto flowering. Outdoor grown in Oregon, RNA is a tier one Industrial Hemp that is ultra smooth and sure to be an everyday favorite.

Buds: Light and fluffy with dark green color.

Cyber Monday deal: Cyber Monday deal: 25% off your $100 order or more.
Use code: cyber2018

Buy Russian Automatic (RNA) flower

CBDoobie: The First Natural CBD Joint (Buy Two Get One Free)

Buy two get one CBDoobie free - Cyber Monday CBD Flower Deals.
Buy two get one CBDoobie free – Cyber Monday CBD Flower Deals.

If you’re looking for instant CBD relief, but are more interested in something new, you should try CBDoobie, the first natural CBD joint. This natural and tasty blend, infused with CBD, contains zero THC and no Nicotine at all.

Available flavors: Super Lemon Haze, Jack Herer, Strawberry Diesel, OG Kush, or Strawberry Lemonade (200mg XL).

Cyber Monday deal: Get three for the price of two, with the ‘buy two get one free’ deal.

Buy your CBDoobie

CBD Genesis Hemp Nugs (Buy Two Get One Free)

$3.8/g: CBD hemp nugs.
$3.8/g: CBD hemp nugs.

With 12 strains of high-CBD hemp flowers, Genesis Hemp Nugs is another good source for high quality flowers.

Available strains: Cool-Mint, Emerald Star, Royal Purple, Tropic Thunder, Catatonic, Liter, Super Haze, Pineapple Haze, Electra, Sweet Tooth, DC Hemp and Berry Wine.

Cyber Monday CBD Flower Deal: Coming in 7g jars, for one day only, you buy two jars and get one for free, which ends in $3.8/gram.

Holiday season is finally here, and you’ll need all the CBD you can find… so get yourself a few of the products listed above.

This page will continue to be updated as more suppliers send us their deals. Return often for more deals.

Suppliers, contact us to share your Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals.

Affiliate relationship: The companies listed here have agreed to support CBD Testers by donating a portion of the sales coming from our publication, for the development and maintenance of our site. Thank you!

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  1. Do you accept payments with visa prepaid cards,like at Walmart,pay as you go.Hope you can tell me I would like to order,.Helps me relax,thank you,Jay.

    • Jay hi,
      As each product is coming from a different shop, there is no clear answer for that. However, they do all accept visa/MC and American Express, so worth to try.

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