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July was a great month for the sales of CBD hemp flowers UK / EU.

Below is our list of best-selling CBD hemp flowers UK / EU, for JULY 2018 (based on data coming from the sellers themselves. Suppliers: Please contact us to have your CBD hemp flowers UK / EU products included in the next months list).


Amnesia CBD Flower
Amnesia CBD Flower

One of the most popular CBD hemp flower is back! With up to 13% CBD this is your first choice when you need a good hemp flower to smoke or vape.

Flavours: Zesty, earthy and sharp.
Trim: Very sticky, large buds, covered in trichomes.
Effect: mild relaxation, social and uplifting.
Amnesia THC levels are under 0.2% as required by the EU regulations.
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Strawberry Kush Hemp Flower
Strawberry Kush
Strawberry Kush Flower
The Strawberry Kush premium hemp flower is known for its sweet and earthy aroma.
With total CBD of 13% this High-CBD hemp flower is one of the best flowers in the EU.
Flavours: Sweet & earthy.
Trim: Large buds, dense and sticky.
Effect: Uplifting and calming.
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Redwood Kush Hemp Flower

Redwood Kush Indoor Hemp Flower
Redwood Kush Indoor Hemp Flower

With over 8% CBD, this premium indoor hemp flower is a great addition to our list of best CBD flowers. The plants are organically grown and are free of any pesticides and herbicides.

Aroma: Woody, earthy.

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Orange Bud

Orange Bud high-CBD Hemp flower
Orange Bud high-CBD Hemp flower

With CBD content of 10%, CBDNOL’s Orange Bud high-CBD flower is one of the popular flowers in Austria.

Aroma: Orange, Citrus, Fruity.

Choose 10g and get your Orange Bud flower, with an extra 10% discount…

Best CBD Hash Products – July 2018

Second only to the High-CBD hemp flowers UK / EU, CBD hash products are one of the most popular recreational CBD products available for you to try.

Amnesia Jelly Hash – 22% CBD

Best CBD Hash
Amnesia Jelly Hash

The Amnesia Jelly Hash is a dark creamy hash with Sativa effecting and delicious flavors. The very high CBD content (22%) makes it an effective product with instant relief. This product does not crumble into dust like other products available on the market.

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Natural CBD Hash 20%

Natural CBD Hash 20%
Natural CBD Hash 20%

Natural CBD Hash 20% is a CBD-rich extract made entirely from certified organic EU hemp flowers. This full spectrum product contains CBD, CBDa, terpenes and flavonoids.

Choose between:Lemon Haze, Mango, Amnesia, Candy Kush and Ice Cream

(15% discount for a 5g order)

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