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The year 2018 is officially the year Flavored CBD Oil has become a recreational product.

While in the first years of the ‘medical cannabis revolution’ we focused on creating new ‘medical’ products to improve peoples’ lives, we now focus on taste, flavor, ease-of-use, and fun. Yes fun, which makes Flavored CBD Oil a true recreational product.

So where does flavor matter? In both CBD hemp flowers (where the terpenes profile is what makes the use of it so rewarding) and CBD oil, once an unflavored, bitter oil, and now a tasty and enjoyable product. One of the leading CBD companies to start adding flavors to their CBD oil is Diamond CBD. Let’s look at some of their products.

Unflavored CBD Oil

Not surprisingly, many people still prefer their CBD oil to taste like, well, hemp oil. Therefore, among the most popular CBD oils you can still find the unflavored CBD Oil, such as the unflavored 100mg, the unflavored 550mg, the unflavored 1000mg and the unflavored 1500mg. Most people in need still look for instant relief and a good product over the actual taste.

DiamnonsCBD Unflavored 100mg
DiamnonsCBD Unflavored 100mg

Starting for under $39.99 the unflavored CBD oils are still standing high above all competition.

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Flavored CBD Oil

Sophisticated clients are moving away from the traditional bitter-tasting oil, toward new and trendy flavors, such as Cotton Candy, Watermelon, Peppermint, Bubblegum, Butterscotch, Acai Berry, Apple Pie and more. Much like what was seen with CBD Gummies, people are looking to switch up the way they consume CBD, often looking for more interesting and better tasting alternatives…

Diamond's Watermelon flavored CBD Oil
Diamond’s Watermelon flavored CBD Oil

Starting at only $19.99 for a 25mg sample, and staying in line with unflavored CBD oil prices, the flavored products offer a trendy alternative to your traditional CBD Oil.

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Terpene-Infused CBD Oil

Smart consumers that understand the medical value of terpenes will no doubt choose this alternative that combines the best of both worlds. The terpene profile of cannabis or hemp flowers is considered to be one of the most important aspects of the oil and hence should be taken seriously. At the same shop you can easily find terpene-infused oils, such as Blue Dream, Sour Kush, Sour Diesel, Agent Orange, OG Kush, Jack Herer and more. True lovers of the plant should always choose the terpene-infused solution (look for “CBD Terpenes” under TYPE)

Diamond's Blue Dream Terps Oil
Diamond’s Blue Dream Terps Oil

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So what’s the best flavor for your CBD oil?

Since all of Diamond’s CBD oils in this review, whether flavored, terpene-infused, or unflavored, are top quality products, the real question becomes, what do you personally like most?

If flavor is not important to you, go ahead and take whatever you like: flavored or unflavored. But if you’re into switching it up and trying something new, try out some of the awesome new flavors being offered for a totally new experience. Just remember, if you understand the true power of terpenes, you’ll always want a terpene-infused oil, regardless of how it tastes.

Whatever you choose, CBD is a great addition to your daily routine and Diamond CBD is a trusted brand, so buy one of each and tell us which one you like best.

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