Cannabis come sin many different forms – But have you ever wondered what the benefits of raw cannabis could be?

Question: I am on chemotherapy, have a lot of pain, and am severely vitamin deficient. Will raw cannabis help?

Answer: Raw cannabis has many benefits, but one needs to be careful when preparing it.
Cannabis, when eaten raw, can be problematic due to the stalactites (tiny leaf hairs) that may irritate the mouth, throat, and stomach. The flowery tips are full of sticky resins which may stick to the mouth.

One can avoid these problems by eating the tender young leaves right off the plant, or juicing the leaves and buds. Usually juiced with other fresh vegetables, this makes a “super-green” food high in chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and cannabinoids.
Raw cannabis has medicinal activity due to the presence of cannabinoid acids which are the
nonpsychoactive precursors present in the cannabis plant.

The terpenes are also beneficial as many of them have a positive effect on mood and energy level.

Because the cannabis is raw, there is no THC or CBD, but instead is found CBG, which is
considered the “template” or “stem cell” of THCA and CBDA which both later can be
chemically converted to THC and CBD.

CBDA has very good anti-inflammatory properties. It binds with the same cell receptors as
many of the over-the- counter anti-inflammatories, and in this way blocks inflammation and controls pain. CBDA also binds with TRPA1, a pain transmitter in the human spine, and BLOCKS pain transmission.

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Leah is an American physician, trained in Internal Medicine with 30+ years of medical experience. Having worked in a private practice, inner-city hospitals, multi-specialty clinics, and having taught medical residents, Leah also concurrently delivered numerous lectures to both fellow physicians and the public. Recently, Leah relocated to Israel and here will continue doing what she loves – teaching patients about themselves and how to best address their medical conditions. Leah feels both privileged and honored to be selected as the in-house medical doctor for the CBD Testers Club.

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