Question: I tore my right medal meniscus. I can still play baseball, but my knee is swollen and painful. Will CBD cream or CBD oil help?

Answer: Topicals are 100% dependent on the solvent used. Higher dosages are required
because more material is needed to prepare a topical agent to cover the area.
If the CBD is designed to be delivered not as a cream or oil, but as a patch, the botanical agent will be absorbed through the layers of skin and subcutaneous tissue and may get into the bloodstream.

The dose of topical CBD needed is a function of the area to be covered. For instance, psoriasis, involving both arms and legs, would require a much higher dose than inflammation of the right knee. Once absorbed through the skin, the effects may last four to six hours. Topicals are usually applied 1-4 times a day. If very high doses are needed, an oil should be used instead of a cream, and it should be applied directly to the skin and then covered with a clean bandage. Reapplication with CBD oil should be done periodically, and each time the area should be covered with a clean bandage.

Topical benefits: There are no psychoactive effects. The creams help peripheral symptoms.
Creams are easily portable. There is no cannabis odor. It is moderately long lasting at 6-8 hours. It has a long shelf life, as the vehicle is alcohol.

Disadvantages: When used as an oil, it can be messy. The topicals have a variable range of
potency. Topicals are not beneficial for internal symptoms, and they can be costly.

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Leah is an American physician, trained in Internal Medicine with 30+ years of medical experience. Having worked in a private practice, inner-city hospitals, multi-specialty clinics, and having taught medical residents, Leah also concurrently delivered numerous lectures to both fellow physicians and the public. Recently, Leah relocated to Israel and here will continue doing what she loves – teaching patients about themselves and how to best address their medical conditions. Leah feels both privileged and honored to be selected as the in-house medical doctor for the CBD Testers Club.

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