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Due to popular demand from our community, Dr. Zachar is now offering a special bonus Q & A session for all members who may not have had their questions answered…

Many of you have been asking excellent questions before and after we hold our weekly forum. Because there is not time enough to answer all of them, by popular demand we are adding another time slot.

Going forward, we will be holding hold a question & answer session on Mondays from 1pm – 2pm EST, and continue with our general topic meeting on Thursdays from 3pm – 5pm EST. All questions emailed to me will be answered at those times.

With one exception…. our Monday meeting, January 1st will be held on Tuesday, January 2nd at 1pm EST.

To send your questions in advance of the session, to be answered by Dr. Zachar on Facebook, email: leah@cbdtesters.co

To join the conversation, and have the chance to ask Dr Zachar your questions directly, please go to the CBD Testers ‘Ask A Doctor’ group on Facebook.

[Image credit: Pixabay]

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